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USA - Form Updates 02/28/20

USA - Form Updates 02/28/20

Form ID: DS-5540

Form 1:

Form ID: DS-5540

Form Name: Public Charge Questionnaire

Country: USA

1. When was the change announced?

New Form

2. When did we release the updated form within INSZoom?


3. For how long will the old form be accepted by Govt?

Not Applicable

4. What areas of the form have been changed?

New Form

Edition Date: 01/01/2020

5. How can users utilize the new form for in-progress cases if they want to use the new form for in-progress cases - how should they do it (steps)

Click in Add Forms>>select All form List >>Search for the form number “DS-5540” Select the form >> Save and Close

6. By when will the questionnaire field mapping be updated to the new form?


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