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Questionnaire Track Changes

This article will guide you on how to use Questionnaire Tracking Changes.

What does it offer?

Questionnaires is the preferred mode of data collection by Case Managers. Questionnaires are assigned to Applicants/Foreign Nationals, their relatives, Corp Users etc. and data provided/entered by these individuals is updated in the application directly. This data flows to the Gov Forms. Naturally, Case Managers would like to control and review the data received before it is updated in the application. 

"Questionnaire Track Changes" feature help Case Managers to review the data received in Questionnaires from Applicants/Foreign Nationals, Corp Users and then decide which one to accept and which one to reject.


How does it work?

"Questionnaire Track Changes" is a free subscription and firm admins can enable it. Once enabled, Case Managers can decide which Questionnaires need to be set for review before assigning to Applicants/Foreign Nationals, Corp Users.

While emailing the Questionnaire or Assigning as a To-Do, Case Managers can enable "Track Changes" for the required Questionnaires. Data entered on Questionnaires enabled with "Track Changes" stay only in Questionnaire. Once Applicants/Foreign Nationals, Corp Users submit the assigned Questionnaires, Case Managers can review the submitted data field-by-field. Case Managers can accept or reject the data updates section-by-section or entire Questionnaire at once.


Get Started

"Questionnaire Track Changes" is a free subscription and firm admins can enable it from Setup > Subscriptions module.

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