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INSZoom:-Customizing/Creating Events for a Petition Template

This article will guide you on how to Customize/Create Events for a Petition Template

Customizing/Creating Events for a Petition Template

'Events' introduces automation into your case workflow. Here's how to create, and customize, them within the Knowledge Base.


Note: This article doesn't include step events.


First, navigate to the Knowledge Base ('Setup' >> 'Knowledge Base') and click on the petition you would like to customize:

Next, you'll click on 'Events' within the left-hand menu and then on 'Add New Event':


Now, you are ready to set up the event. First, you'll choose the event type that will trigger the automation (e.g. have an email triggered when a case is closed). Once you've selected the event, click 'Next':


The second step is to choose the action. This is what happens once your event is triggered. There are two parts to the action: the specific action for the event, and the mode that action operates by. For example: When a case is closed (event), an email is generated (action) but it shows up to the user for review instead of sending automatically in the background (mode):


In this example, we've created an event for an email to be generated when a case is marked as 'closed'. In the email template that pops up, you can configure the email to say, and include, any information required at the close of a case for this petition.


Once you've configured the action item, you'll need to review the event and either click 'Finish' to complete the event setup, or 'Previous' to go back in the process and make changes:


So, when you create a case with this petition, an email will trigger (and appear in the interface) when you mark the case as closed.

You can configure several different events with several different action types available to create the automation.