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Security and Tools Sub-Menu

Security and Tools Sub-Menu

Understand all of the sub-menu options available in the Security and Tools menu.

Case Request Petitions - Corporation Level only: Organizations who are using the HR Portal can select the petition types available in the Case Request module. Please see the article on Setting Up the HR Portal for detailed instructions for using the Case Request Module.

To select the petition types for your corporate/vendor clients:

  • Select Case Request Petitions.
  • Select the desired petitions using the Checkbox.
  • Click Save and Close.


Case Request Case Managers: For organizations using the Case Request module in the HR Portal, you may assign case managers to cases entered via the portal. Case managers are automatically assigned to any cases made by the corporation via the portal.

  • Select Case Request Case Managers.
  • Click Attach.
  • Select the Case Manager(s) to assign.
  • Click Save.


Shortcuts - Available at all levels: Users may customize the sub-menu items that appear in each module.  This is especially helpful in streamlining the staff member's workspace based on their assigned tasks and access.  Note: Changes made at Corporate level will not affect the menu at Client or Case level. Changes are level-specific.


Other Security and Tools available in the Shortcuts menu include:

  • Access rights - Users may view what modules they can access.
  • Change login ID - Users may change their Login ID.
  • Case managers - Case Managers assigned to the Corporation/Client or Case.
  • Custom data - Organization-defined fields.
  • Job description templates - Pre-designed documents.
  • Email authentication - Automatically adds additional security to emails.
  • Case request questionnaire - Associate questionnaires to the Corporation at corporation and client levels. Associate a country-specific questionnaire for clients.
  • Set up - set up a data sheet that the HR of a Client can use to keep Client profile up-to-date. This datasheet would show up in Client profile.
  • Copy/Move Reminders - Copy or move reminders from one case manager to another.
  • Revert Copy/Move Reminders - Reverses the Copy/Move action.
  • Lock profile - Prevents any changes from being made to the profile and any data. Only the Super Admin may unlock.
  • QuickBooks integration - Allows subscribed users to integrate Quickbooks into INSZoom.
  • Advanced settings - Corporation, Client and Case settings for the specific Corporation.  See the module on HR Portal for more instruction.
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