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INSZoom - Email Authentication

This Overview demonstrates the process of email authentication

Email Authentication

Email authentication allows you to set the security level for all form and questionnaire links.  There are two places to set this up: when emailing forms or questionnaires and under Setup.

Forms and Questionnaires

This feature can be accessed at the Client or Case level.  In this example, we'll start at Client Level and send Questionnaires by email.

From the Client Info section, select Questionnaires from the sub-menu.  

Use the drop-down to select Email Questionnaires.

Create your email message.  

Scroll to the section under the Message field.

Click the drop-down and select Yes.

When you send the email, the user will receive an email with an authentication number to access our secure portal to fill out the questionnaire.

Setup - Available to Super Admin Only

From the Navigation Menu, mouse-over Setup and select Settings.

Select Advanced Settings.

Expand Org Settings.

Click Email.

Click Edit.

Place a check next to Authentication for Emails.  

Click Save.

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