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INSZoom - Change Sponsor and Beneficiary in Forms

This article will guide you on how to change sponsor and beneficiary in forms

Change Sponsor and Beneficiary in Forms

You may find that a form was completed with wrong Sponsor/Beneficiary details. Here's how to fix it.

Navigate to the 'Case Info' and choose 'Forms' under the 'Document Assembly'.

In the row for each form, you'll see the sponsor and beneficiary listed. You can select the 'Edit' icon next to each name in order to change. Also, when you select to 'Fill' the form, a pop-up window will appear confirming sponsor/beneficiary and gives you the opportunity to change it then as well, if needed.

Information for sponsor and beneficiary will be changed within the form.

NOTE: If the form was already created, you need to re-create the form to apply the changes.