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Oracle DBA FAQ Guide

FAQ's commonly asked to the Oracle DBA Team -- This is aimed at services / support, not at Hosting Operations

Why was I referred here?

  • You likely asked a 'Frequently Asked Question', which has likely been answered below.



I have a new TC - How is access granted?

  • If your TC doesn't have access to Rackspace, request it via the Hosting Access Form
  • If your TC doesn't have access to an IT 'Jumpbox' (to jump into a Rackspace machine):
    • Email and request access to the services IT-VW windows machine
      • Allow 5 business days for processing

How do I request schema access for my TC?

Email with the below detailed items:

  1. Who needs access and their role.
    • John Smith, Services TC
    • Jane Doe, Support Tier3
    • John Doe, Hosting AA
  2. Which database(s) they need to access.  Provide the schema or database name if you have it, otherwise be very descriptive.  Don't just say non-prod, because clients have multiple non-prod databases.
      • or
    • Geico Dev TeamConnect Schema
  3. What type of access is needed. 
    • Read Only
      • No Data will be need to be modified
    • Connect Through
      • Data will need to be modified
  4. Start date for the access.
    • <exact date>
      • Day/Month/Year
  5. End date for the access.
    • <exact date>
      • Day/Month/Year
  6. Client authorization via attached SOW (or client authorization via email forward).
    • Include the page number and paragraph number from SOW
    • Ideally: Also include a copy/paste authorization section in your request so that it's easy to confirm


New Schemas and Environments

How do I get Hosting to create a new environment for me?

Email and follow Services - Hosting Ops MiSOP (Services) process

  • Include the SoW in the email
  • If it's a 'free' environment, fwd the approval from Hosting leadership in place of the SoW
    • Include duration to keep the site online
  • Include same type of information from the question 'request a new schema' below.

How do I request a new conversion schema?

  • The PM (Project Manager) sends an email to and attaches the SoW
    • Please specify which schema's you'd like created (consult your TC prior to requesting):
    • We would suggest requesting 'connect-through' access for the TC (Technical Consultant) to these schemas in the same request
    • Include an estimated GB size needed for each schema (default is 5GB each)
  • Allow up to 5 business days for processing for all schemas to be built (not per schema)
  • Follow-Up: Request that these schema's be dropped (deleted) after client go-live
    • The client will continue to be billed for the data used until they're dropped

How do I get a copy of a schema locally?

  • Email and provide the SFTP credentials
    • There cannot be client data in it for this to happen


Database Usage

How do I log into the database to perform work?

How do I reset my database password?



How long are exports kept?

  • Default is 2 weeks, up to 1 month
    • We don't recommend less than 2 weeks
  • >1 month will need DBA manager approval

How do I request an import or a refresh / promotion from 1 hosted environment into another?

  • Live Client: Schedule it with the client and Create a CCR
  • Non-Live Client: Email and follow Services - Hosting Ops MiSOP (Services) process
    • Provide a SoW
    • This process erases the target schema and places the data from source schema into it
      • We want to backup the target schema before replacing it with data from the source schema
    • Include which set of documents are needed:
      • All Documents
        • System and Client Docs included
      • System Documents
        • No 'client data documents' included
        • Common for refreshes [ where you don't want the client docs taking up space (client pays for space) ]
      • Client Documents
        • Only used for Exit Packages
      • No Documents
        • No System nor Client docs

How do I request a rollback to a previous export?

  • Same as 'import / export' above, except the DBA's have a few more internal steps to perform
    • provide the exact date:time of the export that you previously requested an export for that you want to rollback to
      • source_schema and target_schema can be the same

I need to request a client Export Package (Commonly called Exit Package), what do I do?

  • Email and specify the 'cut-off date' (or 'date-range') for the export package and include the SoW and SFTP details
    • 'Everything' is easier to produce than 'not-everything'
      • If you request 'not everything', then specify exactly what is required
  • Expectations: Turnaround time
    • Please give us minimum 3 business days (EoD) to produce an export package up to 100GB
    • Please give us minimum 5 business days (EoD) to produce an export package larger than 100GB
    • If requesting for '2 months away' -- please put a reminder on your personal calendar and send in a ticket closer to the request time
  • DBA exports the schema and sends it to a given SFTP
    • It is the requesters (your) responsibility to provide SFTP credentials
      • Client (On-Premise) SFTP
        • Get credentials from client and include them in your request above
      • Rackspace (Hosting) SFTP
        • Email and ask for the SFTP credentials to be provided to the Oracle DBAs via a ticket
          • Attach SoW


How do I coordinate a client go-live weekend with the Oracle DBA Team?

  • Generally the Oracle DBA's do not need to be involved, as exports are automated
  • The DBA manager would appreciate an email notification with a runbook attached
    • Jason Ayres:
    • An estimated post Go-Live Production schema size is always appreciated well in advance
  • If you absolutely require an Oracle DBA for a go-live weekend, schedule that with the DBA manager and submit a hosting ticket for tracking purposes
    • Runbook is 100% required prior to receive go-live assistance from a DBA

How do we do a Production data migration with our client go-live plan strategy?

  • Schedule an export of a client schema to import into a conversion schema
    • Source schema can be Production
    • Be sure to schedule TC connect-through to the conversion schema
    • Conversion schema will live in the non-prod database
      • Exporting from Production into Non Production takes time to rsync the data for import into Conversion - make sure you accommodate for this
  • Schedule an export of the conversion schema into Production for post data-migration
  • Perform all data migration work
  • Promote conversion schema into Production
    • Exporting from Non Production Conversion takes time to rsync the data for import into Production - make sure you accommodate for this

When should I involve the Oracle DBA's for non-standard questions?

  • If the schema is going to be bigger than 100GB
  • Anytime that you think there's a "large concern for client data"



General Questions

How do I get the size of a schema?

  • Your TC can query this if they have read access (or connect-through)
  • If not - email and ask:
    • Include the Product, Client Name, & Environment in your request (Subject and Body)
      • Subject: Schema size for TeamConnect - Prudential - Dev
      • Body: Hi Hosting, Could you please provide the schema size for TeamConnect - Prudential Dev ?

Why is 'read-only' TC Production access given for live clients?

  • This is Mitratech's Security Policy
  • Schedule a Web resource for Production tasks
  • Be sure to request TC access to be removed after a client go-live for all non-conversion schemas to conform with the Security Policy
    • Assuming it didn't automatically revoke based on the access length
  • You can schedule an export of Production to be imported into conversion, conversion work done, and then re-imported into Production (ie: client go-live weekend)

Does TeamConnect Archive Data OOTB?

  • Waiting for Engineering response










Original Creator: Scott Baker, MIS - Oracle DBA

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