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Oracle DBA FAQ Guide

FAQ's commonly asked to the Oracle DBA Team -- This is aimed at services / support, not at Hosting Operations

Why was I referred here?

  • You likely asked a 'Frequently Asked Question', which has likely been answered below.



I have a new TC - How is access granted?

  • If your TC doesn't have access to Rackspace, request it via the Hosting Access Form
  • If your TC doesn't have access to an IT 'Jumpbox' (to jump into a Rackspace machine):
    • Email and request access to the services IT-VW windows machine
      • Allow 5 business days for processing

How do I request schema access for my TC?

Email with the below detailed items:

  1. Who needs access and their role.
    • John Smith, Services TC
    • Jane Doe, Support Tier3
    • John Doe, Hosting AA
  2. Which database(s) they need to access.  Provide the schema or database name if you have it, otherwise be very descriptive.  Don't just say non-prod, because clients have multiple non-prod databases.
      • or
    • Geico Dev TeamConnect Schema
  3. What type of access is needed. 
    • Read Only
      • No Data will be need to be modified
    • Connect Through
      • Data will need to be modified
  4. Start date for the access.
    • <exact date>
      • Day/Month/Year
  5. End date for the access.
    • <exact date>
      • Day/Month/Year
  6. Client authorization via attached SOW (or client authorization via email forward).
    • Include the page number and paragraph number from SOW
    • Ideally: Also include a copy/paste authorization section in your request so that it's easy to confirm


New Schemas and Environments

How do I get Hosting to create a new environment for me?

Email and follow Services - Hosting Ops MiSOP (Services) process

  • Include the SoW in the email
  • If it's a 'free' environment, fwd the approval from Hosting leadership in place of the SoW
    • Include duration to keep the site online
  • Include same type of information from the question 'request a new schema' below.

How do I request a new conversion schema?

  • The PM (Project Manager) sends an email to and attaches the SoW
    • Please specify which schema's you'd like created (consult your TC prior to requesting):
        • Change 'CLIENT' to the actual Hosted client schema name prefix
          • Check the URI Document or consult the Hosting AA that setup the client's Dev site for the schema name prefix
  • We would suggest requesting 'connect-through' access for the TC (Technical Consultant) to these schemas in the same request
    • Include the Start and End dates in the request
  • Include an estimated GB size needed for each schema (default is 5GB each)
    • Make sure the client has purchased the needed space
    • If you estimate the size too small, future jobs for these schema's may fail -- which may delay the project
  • Include the estimated date that these schema's will be dropped (deleted) after client go-live
    • The client will continue to be billed for the data used until they're dropped
    • The schema(s) will not be deleted on this date -- it's simply a time that Hosting DBA's will check back
  • Allow up to 5 business days for processing for all schemas to be built (not per schema)

How do I get a copy of a schema locally?

  • Email and provide the SFTP credentials
    • There cannot be client data in it for this to happen


Database Usage

How do I log into the database to perform work?

How do I reset my database password?


Exports and Imports

How long are exports kept?

  • Default is 2 weeks, up to 1 month
    • We don't recommend less than 2 weeks
  • >1 month will need DBA manager approval

How do I request an import or a refresh / promotion from 1 hosted environment into another?

  • Live Client: Schedule it with the client and Create a CCR
  • Non-Live Client: Email and follow Services - Hosting Ops MiSOP (Services) process
    • Provide a SoW
    • This process erases the target schema and places the data from source schema into it
      • We want to backup the target schema before replacing it with data from the source schema
    • Include which set of documents are needed:
      • All Documents
        • System and Client Docs included
      • System Documents
        • No 'client data documents' included
        • Common for refreshes [ where you don't want the client docs taking up space (client pays for space) ]
      • Client Documents
        • Only used for Exit Packages
      • No Documents
        • No System nor Client docs

How do I request a rollback to a previous export?

  • Same as 'import / export' above, except the DBA's have a few more internal steps to perform
    • provide the exact date:time of the export that you previously requested an export for that you want to rollback to
      • source_schema and target_schema can be the same

I need to request a client Export Package (Commonly called Exit Package), what do I do?

  • Email and specify the 'cut-off date' (or 'date-range') for the export package and include the SoW and SFTP details
    • 'Everything' is easier to produce than 'not-everything'
      • If you request 'not everything', then specify exactly what is required
  • Expectations: Turnaround time
    • Please give us minimum 3 business days (EoD) to produce an export package up to 100GB
    • Please give us minimum 5 business days (EoD) to produce an export package larger than 100GB
    • If requesting for '2 months away' -- please put a reminder on your personal calendar and send in a ticket closer to the request time
  • DBA exports the schema and sends it to a given SFTP
    • It is the requesters (your) responsibility to provide SFTP credentials
      • Client (On-Premise) SFTP
        • Get credentials from client and include them in your request above
      • Rackspace (Hosting) SFTP
        • Email and ask for the SFTP credentials to be provided to the Oracle DBAs via a ticket
          • Attach SoW

How do I request an import from a non-hosted schema (or from a client backup)?

  • If the schema that will receive this import already exists and has data of any kind in it -- that data must be exported (backed up) prior to overwrite
    • Services: Send an email to with the following content (do not cc hosting.operations or hosting.dba-oracle)
      • Please export DB <name>, schema <schema name> at <date:time>
      • Keep this export until <date:time>
      • The purpose of this request is to overwrite this schema with an import from a non-hosted schema
    • Hosting Ops: Do not send the above email, use the export request form instead
  • If the Mitratech Oracle DBA Team doesn't have a copy of the requested Sales Demo schema, coordinate with Sales and email as follows:
    • Please take an export of schema <Schema Name> from DB <DB Name> from the Sales Server <Server Name> and place it on the Hosted Oracle <US or UK> Non-Prod Server
    • The approximate size of this schema is <# GB>
    • Keep this export until <date:time>
    • This is confirmed to have ***no client data*** in it
    • Please reply with the path of this export and then close the ticket
  • If the Mitratech Oracle DBA Team has a copy of the requested Sales Demo schema, email as follows
    • Do not email for this request
    • Please import the contents of <folder path here> from <US or UK> Non-Prod into schema <schema name> @ DB <DB name> at <date:time>
      • If the requested schema already has data in it, add the below line to your email
        • This schema was already exported at <date:time>
      • If the requested schema doesn't have data in it, add the below line to your email
        • This schema already exists but it has no data in it
      • If a schema doesn't exist, add the below line to your email
        • This schema doesn't exist and will need to be created
  • Import from Clients On-Site Database:
    • Do not forward emails from the client, interpret on behalf of the client for your request and then separately reply back to the client when your request has been fulfilled.
    • Send an email to and include:
      • Client SFTP URL
        • Not a https:// web address
      • SFTP Port Number
      • SFTP Username
      • Do not include the password in the Hosting Ticket
        • Privately email this to the Hosting Oracle DBA Group after you've created the Hosting ticket (more information below)
      • The exact location of the file
        • ie: The folder path, if applicable
      • The exact export filename (generally .tar.gz is provided) should include the following items in it from the client:
        • Command line used to execute datapump
        • Log file
          • .log
        • The dump file(s)
          • This is the schema export only (not a whole database export)
          • .dmp
        • Parameter file
          • Source version of Oracle needs to be or LOWER or the following must be included in the parameter file
        • The DB character set
          • col name format a30
            col value$ format a15
            select name, value$ from sys.props$ where name like '%CHARACTERSET%'; 
          • Mitratech uses this character set:
            • NAME                                                    VALUE$
              ----------------------------------------------       ---------------
              NLS_NCHAR_CHARACTERSET         AL16UTF16
              NLS_CHARACTERSET                        AL32UTF8
          • Client to put the following into a file called exp.par ( replace anything enclosed by < > with the real values ) and include in the file

            directory=<you pick>

            Once the file is created, call expdb as sysdba using:

            expdp \"/ as sysdba\" parfile=exp.par

            Use the suggested naming convention for the log and dump files so that details about what was export will be clear in the future.

            If the client database does not have flashback features, remove the "flashback_time" parameter to avoid a fatal error but then you must ensure that no connections are made to schema during the export.  To ensure this, lock the schema, kill any connections to the schema, and then start the export.
    • Then send a private email to and reference the hosting ticket # that was created and include the following:
      • Below is the password to the SFTP for Hosting Ticket # <ticket number> 
        • <password>


How do I coordinate a client go-live weekend with the Oracle DBA Team?

  • Generally the Oracle DBA's do not need to be involved, as exports are automated
  • The DBA manager would appreciate an email notification with a runbook attached
    • Jason Ayres:
    • An estimated post Go-Live Production schema size is always appreciated well in advance
  • If you absolutely require an Oracle DBA for a go-live weekend, schedule that request with the DBA manager and submit a hosting ticket for tracking purposes
    • A Runbook is 100% required prior to receiving go-live assistance from a DBA

How do we do a Production data migration with our client go-live plan strategy?

  • Schedule an export of a client schema to import into a conversion schema
    • Source schema can be Production
    • Be sure to schedule TC connect-through to the conversion schema
    • Conversion schema will live in the non-prod database
      • Exporting from Production into Non Production takes time to rsync the data for import into Conversion - make sure you accommodate for this
  • Schedule an export of the conversion schema into Production for post data-migration
  • Perform all data migration work
  • Promote conversion schema into Production
    • Exporting from Non Production Conversion takes time to rsync the data for import into Production - make sure you accommodate for this

When should I involve the Oracle DBA's for non-standard questions?

  • If the schema is going to be bigger than 100GB
  • Anytime that you think there's a "large concern for client data"



General Questions

How do I get the size of a schema?

  • Your TC can query this if they have read access (or connect-through)
  • If not - email and ask:
    • Include the Product, Client Name, and Environment in your request (Subject and Body)
      • Subject: Schema size for TeamConnect - Prudential - Dev
      • Body: Hi Hosting, Could you please provide the schema size for TeamConnect - Prudential Dev ?

Why is 'read-only' TC Production access given for live clients?

  • This is Mitratech's Security Policy
  • Schedule a Web resource for Production tasks
  • Be sure to request TC access to be removed after a client go-live for all non-conversion schemas to conform with the Security Policy
    • Assuming it didn't automatically revoke based on the access length
  • You can schedule an export of Production to be imported into conversion, conversion work done, and then re-imported into Production (ie: client go-live weekend)

Does TeamConnect Archive Data OOTB?

  • Waiting for Engineering response










Original Creator: Scott Baker, MIS - Oracle DBA

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