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How to Sign Your Agreement with DocuSign

If your organization has enabled it, contracts that are negotiated and agreed within EraCLM can be electronically signed with an external eSignature system, such as DocuSign.

Your First Time Signing with DocuSign

After concluding the negotiation process and having accepted the document in EraCLM, you will receive an email, similar to the one below, for signing the document in DocuSign:

Picture1 (1).png

Click on the link inside of the email and enter your DocuSign credentials:


Picture2 (1).png

One time only: The first time you sign a EraCLM document through DocuSign, you will need to grant consent for the process. This allows EraCLM to send the agreements into DocuSign on your behalf.



After granting consent, click on the “Ok, Go to DocuSign” button on the resulting EraCLM screen:



Within DocuSign, click on the “MANAGE” tab on the top menu. Then, click on “Drafts” on the left menu and look for the document to be signed in the list:



After you have granted consent in DocuSign for EraCLM, subsequent signings will be slightly different. You will still receive an email from EraCLM prompting you to complete the signing process in DocuSign and must log into DocuSign with your credentials. You will then be navigated directly to the document. Click on “Continue” for starting the signing process with DocuSign.




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