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Release Notes v3.49.1


December 2022


About This Release

This release introduces enhancements to Frameworks and SSO logging. It also fixes bugs related to redlines and offline reviews.



This release includes the following enhancements:


  • Frameworks. We have improved the way in which sections with text alternatives are displayed so that the user can review and select text alternatives easily from the UI. 

Tracking code: DV-9180


  • SSO. We have improved SSO logging to debug SAML integrations.

Tracking code: DV-9358



Bug Fixes


This release includes the following bug fixes:


Redlines and offline review. We fixed the following issues when uploading the agreement after using Microsoft Word for offline review:

  • The agreement didn’t show all redlines, also it didn’t always update which sections were deleted.

  • Quotation marks were not compatible with redlines.

  • Redlines behaved randomly when two consecutive tables were present. 

  • Redlines didn’t track small changes to a section or the section was deleted.

  • When most of the section changed, the section was deleted.

  • Sections didn’t appear in the right order after the controller uploaded the new version of the agreement when content included two consecutive tables.

Tracking codes: CRO-2249, CRO-2332, CRO-2390, DV-7713, DV-8645, DV-9187

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