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Release Notes v3.12.0

January 2020

About This Release

This release has added new features that extend the usability of the platform, identify similar documents, improve the negotiation flow, and fix bugs.

New Features

  • Users can use queues to assign approvers. This feature allows assigning teams to approve changes, instead of assigning specific users.
  • Teams can use the queues feature to prioritize, distribute, and assign the approval of agreements.
  • The platform adds a duplicate-handling feature when using a direct link. This feature prevents users from creating duplicate documents.


  • When users upload PDF files, the platform now performs a full validation of the file.
  • This release updates the contract workflow. Users must finish editing a section before sending the agreement to a counterparty.


This release has fixed the following bugs:

  • Users with the necessary permissions could not download reports that used special characters in their filters.
  • Using Number or Date tags to filter their agreement list didn't show all the results.
  • An Access Denied message appeared when opening some agreements.
  • Issues uploading files to the platform.
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