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Release Notes v3.6.0

March 2019

About This Release

This release has added new features and changes that improve the usability of the platform, ease migration, support more business cases, and improve the performance of the platform.

New Features

  • A new model of conditional drafting now supports adding the matching ID, used in the Conditional Drafting API and for reporting purposes.
  • The interactive API gateway now answers drafting questions.


  • ContractRoom can now hide Agreements from users by using a script, an XLS file and an Agreement ID.
  • The Legacy Data Import script now supports parent-child relationships and multiple attachments.
  • Redlines generated in the ContractRoom editor are now propagated to Microsoft Word when downloading.
  • Changes to the UI language improve the usability of the platform.
  • Invisible tags can now trigger Approvers when creating rules.


Multiple bug fixes.

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