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System Variables

The System Variables control enables system variables to be displayed on an eForm or used in a conditional TAG. Selecting the Show System Variable menu item will insert a form TAG that will be substituted with the appropriate system variable.

The system variable will be replaced by the actual value when the form is displayed to the user. For example, this can be used to return information about the workflow process, the current user, Meta Data, and many other types of information.

The properties dialog box for the System variables control has a SysVar property that you can use to manually type the System Variable you wish to display. Alternatively, there are many useful system variables that you can select from dropdown lists in the dialog box without having to know the "curly brackets" syntax. When you pick a System variable from a dropdown list in the dialog box, Process Director will write the basic syntax for the System variable into the SysVar property box for you, after which you can edit the SysVar property as desired.


The following System Variables can be selected from dropdown lists in the properties dialog box without having to write the system variables manually.






Current Date/Time

Current Date

Current Time

Current User

Attached Object Information

Object Information

Categories and Attributes

Server Settings

Current User

Current User Groups

Number of Workflow Objects

Workflow Objects

Number of Timeline Objects

Timeline Objects

Number of eForm Objects

eForm Objects

Form Field

Object name

Object Description

Object Create Date

Object Create User

Object version



Sequence Number


Current Row Number

Localized String

Business Rule

Process Users

Process Initiator

Task Active Users

Active Users in Workflow Step


Users in Workflow Step

Active users in Timeline Activity

Users in Timeline Activity

Process Name

Workflow Definition Name

Timeline Definition Name

Process Priority

Process Start Date

Process Stop Date

Process Status

Process Termination Reason

Workflow Running Step Name

Timeline Running Activity Name

Process Running Task

Task Name

Task Instructions

Task Due Date

Task Priority

Task Start Date

Step Status

Step Termination Reason

Step Start Date

Step Stop Date

Step Due Date

Activity Status

Activity Termination Reason

Activity Start Date

Activity Stop Date

Activity Due Date

Refer to the System Variables Reference Guide documentation for a list of all the existing System Variables, their available formats and options, and examples of the proper syntax to invoke them.

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