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Process Timeline Activities

A Process Timeline is made up of a series of activities. Each activity in a Process Timeline identifies the task to be performed and the users that should perform the task.

Activities are run from the beginning (start activity). Activities can be easily added, moved and deleted from a Process Timeline Definition.

Built-in Task Settings

These settings are included in all task types. To configure an activity in the Process Timeline, double click on the activity or click on the Properties image icon. All activities in a Process Timeline Definition will have the following information associated with them.

Activity Tab

Activity Name

The first field on this dialog identifies the name of the activity. This information is important for the users and the Process Timeline owners because it is used to determine what activity the Process Timeline is currently running on, and what function is being performed. This is also displayed on the routing slip to show where the process is currently running.


Activity Type

This dropdown contains type of activity to be used for the current activity. This will display different options depending on the type of activity selected.


For example, the default Activity Type is the User activity. With the user activity selected, the second tab on the options form will be "Participants". Selecting a different type of activity will change the second tab to a different option setting, and some activity types will remove some of the form's tabs completely, as they contain inapplicable settings for that type of activity.

The available activity types are described below.




Tasks that are assigned to specific users or groups of users to complete, and which are displayed in the task list of the assigned user(s).


Sends a notification email to selected users.


Starts a sub-process, using the current process as a parent. The sub-process may be either a Process Timeline or Workflow.


Runs a selected custom script.

Custom Task

Runs a selected Custom Task.

eForm Actions

Attaches a selected eForm to the timeline, and, if desired, makes the eForm the default eForm for the Process Timeline.


Enables you to jump or rollback to different Process Timeline activities. This is usually used in conjunction with conditions, to start specific timelines when the conditions are met.


Creates a parent activity under which similar activities can be organized. Parent activities are considered complete when the child activities are completed.


Pauses the execution of the Process Timeline, usually until some condition is met, after which, execution of the Process Timeline continues.

Once again, selecting different activity types will cause different option tabs to be displayed on the options screen for the activity.


This field contains an optional description of this activity. This can be used by the Process Timeline builder to document what this activity is used for and why it is here. The end-users will not see this field.


This contains instructions for the users telling them how to perform the task assigned to them. This information will be contained in the email sent to the users, it will be displayed on their task list, and it is displayed in the Process Timeline Package.


This field contains an optional color of this activity. This can be used by the Process Timeline builder to document help visualize the Process Timeline process.

Duration of activity

This field contains an option to set the duration of the activity.


This field contains an option to set the weight of the activity. This will determine how much of the Process Timeline would be completed if this activity was completed.

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