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Using the bpImportEmail Utility

bpImportEmail.exe allows you to send formatted emails to a process either on a schedule or any time an email is received.

Using bpImportEmail.exe, you can set the conditions and format under which you would like to import the emails.

Connection Tab


Process Director URL

Enter the URL of the Process Director here.

User ID and Password

Enter your User information in order to let bpLogixImport.exe log onto your Process Director. Click “Test PD Credentials” to see if the information you entered was valid.

Partition in Which to Import

Enter the name of the partition that you wish to import emails to.

Optional Starting Folder in Process Director

You can import the emails to a specific folder in the partition, using this field to specify the path.

POP3 Server Information

This is the URL of the server sending your email.

Server Port

Enter the port you use to connect to your POP server. By default, the server port is 110, however if you connect to your POP server using a different port, enter it there.


You can use a secure protocol to retrieve your email by checking this box.

Username and Password

Enter your Username and Password for the POP server to let bpLogixImport.exe retrieve incoming emails. Click “Test POP Credentials” to verify that your input was valid.

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