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Using the bpImport Utility

Process Director provides a utility for importing or exporting documents automatically between Process Director and file system folders, named "BPImport". The utility does not import/export any content list items other than documents, so eForms, Knowledge Views, etc., are not affected by the bpImport utility.

BPImport makes it easy to import documents from a file system when moving from a file based system to Process Director as your document management system. This utility can be run interactively with a dialog prompting for input fields, or scheduled to perform an automatic import on a scheduled basis. The import or export can be run from the machine on which Process Director is installed, or from a remote computer. You must enter credentials for a user that has full permissions to the folder in which to import/export.

The executable file, bpImport.exe, is located in the c:\Program Files\BP Logix\Process Director\ directory by default. You can copy this utility to any computer that has Internet Explorer 6 or higher installed. Simply execute bpImport.exe to launch the dialog, and press “Start” to begin the import/export process. The status of the import is displayed on the dialog.

The bpImport utility has a tabbed interface, and the fields in the interface are generally the same whether you wish to import or export documents.

Connection Tab

The connection tab creates the connection between Process Director and your file system.


Process Director URL

The complete URL to the server running Process Director.

User ID

The User ID to use for the import routine. This user must be a system administrator. This User ID is designated as the document owner for the new documents.


The password to use for the import routine. This user must be a system administrator.

Minimum delay between each import

Specifies an optional amount of time in milliseconds to delay between each file imported/exported. The default is no delay. This is only needed if you want to give the server time to respond to other requests when many documents are being imported at once.

Partition (Name or ID)

Enter the Partition name or ID to use when importing.

Optional starting folder in Process Director

Specifies the starting folder in the Process Director database. If this field is not specified, new documents will be stored in the root folder.

Local file system path containing the documents for import (Shown when importing)

Specifies the starting location to the documents to be imported. This can specify a network path, or a file system path. The utility will import all files in the folder, and will traverse through all subdirectories as well. The relative folder structure will be maintained in Process Director.

Local file system path to which the documents will be exported (Shown when exporting)

The file path on the local computer into which all of the exported files will be placed.


Radio buttons to select whether you wish to import documents into Process Director, or export documents from Process Director.

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