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Creating Content List Objects

Process Director Content List objects are created by navigating through the Content List to the folder in which you'd like to create the object, then selecting the desired object from the Create New dropdown located in the upper right portion of the screen.


When you select an item from the Create New dropdown, Process Director will automatically start the process of creating the selected Content List item. There are eleven different types of Content List objects that you can create, all of which are listed in the dropdown, as shown below.





The folder is the container for all other Content List objects.


The Content List placeholder for documents that you upload to process director for use as part of a process definition.

eForm Definition

The definition of an electronic form. It stores the eForm template, the fields that are created in the template, the user-defined events that are initiated while using the eForm, and the validation rules for determining if the information provided in an eForm is valid when submitted.

Workflow Definition

A process model that implements the traditional, flowchart-based method of modeling processes.

Knowledge View

The definition of a view of the process and/or eForm data, containing user-defined fields for display in a tabular format.

Business Rule

The definition for an object that encapsulates a key decision or value used in a business process.

Data Source

An object that accesses information found in a database.

Import Objects

Implements a process to import an XML file containing an exported set of Process Director objects.

DropDown Object

The definition of labels and values that will be applied to a dropdown control on an eForm.

Timeline Definition

A process model that implements the patented BP Logix method of implementing a time- based method of modeling processes.


The definition of a report object that uses the advanced reporting tool. The advanced reporting tool is available to users of cloud-based installations, and on-premise installations that explicitly include the Advanced Reporting module.

To create a folder, select "Folder" from the Create New dropdown to open the Create Folder screen.


Enter the name for the folder in the Folder Name text box, then click the OK button to create the folder. The folder will appear in the treeview on the left side of the Content List screen, and an empty Content List will appear on the right side of the screen, since you haven't created any Content List objects inside the folder.

You can add an item to the Content List by selecting "eForm Definition" from the Create New dropdown, which will open the Create eForm screen.


You can select several different types of eForm template from the dropdown control at the top of the screen, but for now, accept the default option, which should say "Use Empty Word Doc eForm". Enter the name of the new eForm in the eForm Name text box. You may optionally enter more information about the eForm's purpose in the Description text box. When you are finished, click the OK button to create the eForm definition and open the eForm template checkout screen, which we are going to ignore for now.

Simply click on the new folder you created, which is still displayed on the left side of the screen, to display the Content List again. Is should look something like the example below.


Simply follow the procedure above to continue creating new Content List Items.

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