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Process Director supports versioning for all object types. When an object like a folder or eForm is created in Process Director, the object is assigned an initial Version Number of "0". Once you create a version of the object, the Version Number is Incremented to "1", then subsequent versions you create are incremented by 1 on each save.

You can save a version of any object by entering the properties screen for the object, then selecting the Versions menu item from the Object menu located in the upper right corner of the screen.


The version properties screen will display a set of controls at the top of the window that you can use to name a new version of the object. The bottom portion of the screen will display a version history that provides additional options for the previous versions.


To create a new version of an object, Fill in the Label (title) for the new version, and the Object version Description, then click the Create New Version Button. The new version will receive an incremented version number, and will appear at the bottom of the screen in the list of object versions.

From the list of versions. You may

  • Download an exported XML file containing the object by clicking the Download link.
  • Reverting to a desired version of the object by clicking the Apply this Version link for the version to which you wish to revert.
  • Delete version by clicking the Delete link.

When a folder is selected for versioning, the version will contain all of the Content List objects contained in the folder. Reverting a folder to a previous version, therefore, will revert all of the objects in the Content List to the reverted version.

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