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Managing Content

In this article we discuss how to Manage Content in Process Director.

Process Director is a content management system that provides control, security and management of your digital data. This chapter provides the essentials for managing objects in the database. All data, including documents, is typically stored in the database,* which provides easier administration, higher security, distributed/remote database support, and a standard backup mechanism.

Process Director provides a database to securely store content objects. These objects include folders, documents, files, eForms, workflows and Knowledge Views. This chapter will provide an overview of folders, documents, and files. For information on Workflows, eForms or Knowledge View, refer to the respective chapters in this document.

All content is viewed through the use of Knowledge Views. A Knowledge View defines what data in the repository should be displayed. It is also used to view the Content List.

To view content in the Process Director database, click on the Content List entry in your profile.


*Process Director also provides file-based document storage as an alternative to database storage. Consult your system administrator regarding setup at your site.

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