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Signature Image File

Learn how to insert Your Picture as Signature Image in your user ID.

An optional signature image file can be associated with a user ID causing it to be displayed next to their name in the routing slip when they complete their task. You can upload a signature for each user in the User Administration section of the system. If a file exists with the same name as the UserID or UID in the \BP Logix\Process Director\website\custom\signatures\ directory it will use that for the signature (it must have a “.gif” or “.jpg” file extension such as Susan.gif). It is recommended that a “.gif” file be used with a transparent background so the image can be displayed on web pages with different color backgrounds.

To attach a signature to a user, log in as an administrator and go to the IT Admin tab. From there, click on the User Administration link.


Click on the Edit link for the user you want to attach the signature to.


Click “Browse” on the Signature Image field, select the signature’s image, and then click “Upload.”


Save your changes by clicking the OK button.

As an aside, you can follow the same process to add a user's image to the Picture Image field of the profile.

If a signature file is found it is automatically displayed anytime the Routing Slip is viewed. Below is an example of how the routing slip would appear with signature files uploaded to the system.


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