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Logging In

Finished installing Process Director? Great! Here's how to login for the first time.

The following User ID’s are created on a new Process Director installation.

  • Administrator
  • User 1
  • User 2

The User ID’s contain no passwords and have been given full permission to all objects on the server by default.

As part of your implementation, you will create new User ID’s and groups, as well as setting the appropriate permissions for your environment

When users want to login to Process Director, they must navigate to the login page located at http://server- name / where server-name is the host name where the server is installed. This will redirect the user to the login.aspx page in that directory. Depending on the authentication model used, the page below may be displayed, prompting for a User ID and password. If Windows Authentication is enabled, the user may be prompted with a Windows login dialog box to enter the user’s credentials.


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