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Navigation System

In this article we discuss "Navigation System" and have provided step by step procedure of working with it.

Process Director’s web interface provides a navigation system at the top of the browser, containing entries that will take users into various components of Process Director. After the initial installation of Process Director you will see a very simple navigation scheme displayed.


The basic navigation scheme will be expanded through creating new workspaces for different users. Throughout this guide, you may see screenshots from various installations that have a number of different workspace navigation schemes. The navigation schemes for your particular installation will be quite different once you start implementing workspaces relevant to your processes.

For detailed information about how to create and configure workspaces, please refer to the System Administrator's Guide.

All content is viewed through the use of Knowledge Views, which define what data in the repository should be displayed. The navigation system also is used to view the Content List, which is available only to users that have been authenticated with the system. Anonymous users will have access only to specific Knowledge Views, documents and eForms with the appropriate permission.

To refresh any of the pages, use the image icon on the right side of the navigation browser. Do not use the browser’s default refresh button (e.g., F5 Refresh or image), which will return you to the Home Page.


Use the image icon in the top right corner of the page to navigate to the parent of the item you are viewing.

Use this icon located in the vertical bar separating the page windows to minimize or maximize the navigation bar. To restore (redisplay) the navigation bar, click on the same icon.

To sort the items displayed in the Content List, click on the column name. To change the sort from ascending to descending, click on the column name a second time.


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