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Test the Project

In this article we instruct how to test your project before we move on to building Knowledge Views.

Now that you've built this portion of our sample project, you need to test it before we begin building knowledge views. Before you begin testing, log out of Process Director and log back in as "lane".

So, navigate to the root folder of the My Project folder. Click to select the check box next to the Travel Expenses Report 2 eForm. Next, click the Actions link labeled "Run" to run your new eForm.

Fill out the eForm and submit it. Once you've done so, you should log out and log back in as different users to run the eForm a few times. You can log in as "rick", "eric", and "ron" and submit an eForm for each of these users.

The reason we're doing this is so that, when we create Knowledge Views in the next section of the document, we have some submitted forms to find and display in the Knowledge Views.

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