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Initial Approval Activity

We’re ready to configure the Process Timeline. Add the first step to the Process Timeline by clicking the link labeled “Create Activity" to add a blank activity named “Activity 1” to the Process Timeline. Double-click on the “Activity 1” text, and the configuration dialog box for the activity will open.

In the Name textbox, rename the activity “Initial Approval”. On the Activity tab, select “User” from the Activity Type dropdown. Selecting a User activity tells Process Director that this activity will be assigned to a user for completion. Let’s give the user a reasonable amount of time to approve the request by setting the Duration of Activity to 3 business days.


In the Participants tab, Process Director has by default assigned this activity to the Process Timeline Initiator, which is the person who initially fills out the form. Instead, we want to assign the activity to the initial approver we selected on the eForm.

From the dropdown labeled, "Timeline Initiator", select “From eForm Field”. This selection will add two new picker controls to the row. Click the unlabeled picker control that is placed immediately to the right of the dropdown control to open the Choose eForm Field dialog box. We want to assign this task to the Initial Approver the user selected in the eForm, so, from the eForm Field dropdown control, select “Approver” See how easy that was? That’s because the Process Timeline already knew which eForm definition we are using, so it was able to offer us a list of just the fields on that eForm. Click the OK button to close the dialog box.

Then click the Update button, continuing to practice the good habit of saving our work as we go.


Next, we must set the possible results for this activity. Each result we configure will appear as a button on the form when the user (in this case, the approver specified in the Approver field) is viewing the form while engaged in this activity. In the Results tab, click on the Add Result button. A blank result header will appear below the button, labeled "Activity Result". Click on the Activity Result header to open the result details section. In the Result Name text box, type "Approved" to rename the result to Approved when the Process Timeline is saved. Repeat these steps to add another result, and name the second result "Denied".


Click the Process Timeline's Update button to save your changes and close the properties dialog box for the Initial Approval activity.

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