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Travel Expense Approval Process Timeline

Here's everything you need to know about Travel expense Approval Process Timeline!

The sample project Process Timeline is relatively simple, and consists of only three steps—one of which is conditional. The first step is for the initial approval of the travel request that the eForm encapsulates. The second step is the approval of the Finance group, if the amount is over $1,000. The final step notifies the requestor whether the travel request has been approved. It’s worthwhile to note that the initial action—the employee filling out the form and submitting it for approval—isn’t represented as an activity within the Process Timeline. Rather, submitting the form is the action that triggers the Process Timeline to begin. So although we would normally think of that form submission as being part of the workflow, the Process Timeline itself begins at the point at which the form has already been completed and submitted.

To recreate this process, navigate to the BP Logix Getting Started Sample Project folder, and select “Process Timeline Definition” from the Create New… dropdown in the upper right portion of the screen to open the Create Process Timeline Definition screen. In this screen, type “My Request Approvals” in the Process Timeline Name textbox, then fill out a brief description in the Description textbox. Click the OK button to open the configuration screen for the new Process Timeline.

The configuration screen will display a blank Process Timeline. Let’s start by configuring Process Director to set the "My Travel Expense Request" eForm as the default eForm for this Process Timeline. Just as was the case when we were configuring the business rule, specifying the eForm to associate with this Process Timeline will make it easier for us to select eForm fields as we’re configuring the Process Timeline. Above the Process Timeline diagram is a hidden Options section that has a gray background. Open this section by clicking the “+” box next to the text that says “Options”. The options section of the screen will open.

In the Options section, there is a picker control labeled “eForm for Process Timeline (will attach eForm instance if needed)”. Click the Build button for this picker control to open the dialog box that enables you to choose the eForm. From this dialog box, select the eForm definition you just created. The dialog box will close, and the name of the eForm will appear in the picker control. Click “Update” to save this change.


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