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Dropdown Control

Here's how to create a Dropdown Object to fill the ReasonForTravel dropdown!

To create a Dropdown Object to fill the ReasonForTravel dropdown, navigate to the BP Logix Getting Started Sample Project directory, and select “Dropdown Object” from the Create New… dropdown located in the upper right portion of the content list window to open the screen for creating a new Dropdown Object. When the screen appears, it will initially consist of only an empty textbox for the Dropdown Name. Type “ReasonForTravel" in the Dropdown Name textbox, then click the OK Button. The configuration screen for the Dropdown object will open.

Type a brief description into the Description textbox.

Now, Check the Add null/blank… check box, then add the text “Select a Reason” in the textbox provided to set a default value for the Dropdown object, and instruct the user to pick a value from the list we will create. To create the list, click the Add Dropdown Entry button.


When you click the Add Dropdown Entry button, the configuration properties for the first item in your Dropdown appears. In the Name textbox, type “Professional Conference”. Click the Add Dropdown Entry button and type in a Dropdown Name for as many items as you’d like to enter.


When you’re done adding items, you may want to change the order in which the items appear in a dropdown control on an eForm. You can use the up or down arrows on each row to move objects up or down in the list. You can also click on the button with the red “X” icon to delete an item from the list.

For the purposes of this project, we’ll leave the Dropdown Values blank. (Process Director will simply use the display text as the value.) Once you’ve added the items you want to the list, click the OK button to save and close the Dropdown definition.

Now that the Dropdown has been saved, we have to connect it to the appropriate field within the eForm we created. Open the eForm definition, and click on the eForm Controls tab.

Open the properties for the ReasonForTravel field. In the Form Field properties dialog box, there is a Picker control labeled, “Link to Dropdown object”. Click the Picker control’s Build button to open the Choose Dropdown dialog box.


Select the ReasonForTravel2 dropdown control to populate the dropdown control on the eForm. Click the dialog box’s OK button to save and close the properties, then click the OK button to save and close the form definition.

Now your eForm has two dropdowns that are populated in two different ways.

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