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Standard Fields

For BP Logix here are the standard fields on every form that you will need to create.

One of the practices that we recommend for any form is to always have a set of standard controls that are part of every form. At BP Logix, we generally include four standard fields on every form we create.

  1. A sequence number that uniquely identifies every form. Process Director generates this sequence number automatically. Sequence numbers help when you want to go back and search for or reference individual form instances.
  2. The form submitter, so that every form instance can be tracked by the identity of the user that created the form instance.
  3. The form submission date, so that forms can be tracked by date.
  4. A routing slip, so that the process to which the form is associated can always be viewed directly from the form.

This practice has been incorporated into the sample project by adding a routing slip and the SequenceNumber, SubmissionDate, and Employee fields.

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