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Dropdown Objects

Here's everything that you need to know about "Dropdown Objects".

Dropdown lists aren’t very useful if they’re empty; normally, they have to be filled with a list of values. For dynamic lists, a dropdown list can be filled from a database, so the list will include items retrieved using a database query structured for that purpose. For static lists, Process Director provides you with the Dropdown Object. The Dropdown Object is a convenient way to pre-fill dropdown lists with static data, like the months of the year. Using the Dropdown Object, you can create dropdown list values, and re-use the Dropdown Object for any of your eForms. Changes to a given Dropdown Objects are automatically applied everywhere that Dropdown Object is used. Using Dropdown objects makes managing dropdown values much simpler, because you don’t have to edit all of the individual forms.

The sample project uses a Dropdown object to populate the “Reasons for Travel” field in the sample eForm. You can access this Dropdown object from the BP Logix Getting Started Sample Project folder of the sample project by clicking the ReasonForTravel object.


The Dropdown object is relatively simple, which makes it easy to create. A Dropdown control is simply a static list of names and optional values. The Dropdown Name is the text that will appear in a dropdown control that uses the Dropdown object as its source. The Dropdown Value is an optional value you can provide if you want the dropdown control's value to be something different than the text that is displayed to the user. Take a look at the example below:

Product Name

Product Code

17” Summer Tires


17” Sport Tires (Z Rated)


17” All-Season Tires


You may want to store the Product Code as the Dropdown Value so that you know exactly which product has been selected in the dropdown control. Displaying the Product Name to the user, however, is going to make selecting the right product much simpler. In a case like this, you would enter the Product Name as the Dropdown Name and the Product Code as the Dropdown Value when creating the dropdown object. Process Director will store the Product Code, but users will see the Product Name in the dropdown control.

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