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Process Overview

Here's the SOP of Process Review.

The sample project demonstrates a notional travel reimbursement request process, a common requirement for many organizations. In this process, an employee submits a travel request that a manager then approves. If the request amount is less than $1,000, the travel request can be funded without additional review. If the amount exceeds $1,000, the request must first be sent to the Finance group for additional approval. 

In our sample project, this process begins with a user filling out a travel request form. The requestor selects an initial approver, and enters the expenses incurred during travel. The requestor submits the form, which starts the approval process by sending an email notification to the approver specified on the form. The notification lets the manager know that a task is waiting for her action. She opens the form using a link in the notification (or by visiting her task list), and indicates her approval by clicking on the appropriate button. If the request exceeds $1,000, it is routed to the Finance Group for additional approval. When the approvals are complete, Process Director notifies the employee that his request has been approved (or rejected).

This sort of approval process probably sounds familiar to you, since it’s a very common type of workflow. Process Director excels at managing this sort of process—indeed, it’s at the core of Process Director’s functionality. Process Director manages these processes automatically, making them more efficient. Increased efficiency saves your organization the time and money that would otherwise be required to manually oversee the process.

So, let’s look at the details of how to design and implement the process in Process Director.

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