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Scaling issues with all DSX applications.


It is possible due to high resolution displays to have all the DataStoreDSX applications appear with small icons and text that appears compressed and overlaps other text. 

For Example.



The reason for this is due to the use of high resolution displays and the DPI scaling of the application on the display.  The DPI scaling if determined by the application.


To overcome this issue it is possible to have the operating system determine the DPI scaling instead of the application.  This can be done by editing the properties of the executable.




On Windows 10, find the executable, right click and select Properties.  Click on the ‘Compatibility’ tab and there should be a button labeled ‘Change high DPI settings’.  Clicking this button displays a new dialog which should have a frame labeled ‘High DPI scaling override’.  By default the ‘Override high DPI scaling behaviour’ option is not selected.  Select this option and change the ‘Scaling performed by’ setting from ‘Application’ to ‘System (Enhanced)’.



This can be difficult for applications deployed by Click Once deployment.  All Click Once deployed applications are installed to a unique folder under C:\Users\<Account Name>\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0 where <Account Name> is the Windows account name where the user.  A search for the executable name will have to be carried out, but any search will come back with two results.  Both can be changed.

Not all operating systems have this option.  The high DPI options may not exist on pre Windows 10 operating systems and on server operating systems.

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