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DataStore®DSX Version 3.5 Release Notice

Date of Release: 24th March 2017
Document Date: 24th March 2017

DataStore®DSX v3.5

Note: This release of DataStore®DSX supports .NET Framework 4.6.2. This has changed from the previous release of DataStore®DSX v3.4 SP2 which supported .NET Framework 4.5.2.

Note: Any configured existing watched folders will need to modified to include the new “Input Text Encoding Type” setting upon upgrade. Functionality exists to make these changes easily within Management Studio.

Changes in this Release

This release of DataStore®DSX includes the following Enhancements and Error Corrections.


DSX Application


DataStore®DSX now supports .NET Framework 4.6.2.


The DataStore®DSX product has been rebranded to Mitratech Holdings, Inc.

Management Studio


It is now possible for a user to select an encoding option (if legacy is not set) or, show the current encoding option (if set) when carrying out multiple watch folder encoding upgrades simultaneously.


Users can now set, remove and change the Code Page on the Data Definition Manager screen.


By default, the reporting plugins now use a distinct reporting database.


Configuration options for Read Reports and Manage Reports has been added to Users and Group permissions.


DataStore®DSX core notification queue management utility now runs on Windows 2016.


A new Search Template field, based on a Custom Field Type will now take the Custom Field Type name as its default (unless already used).


A new, configurable timeout has been added for depot deletion, to cover situations where the deletion of a depot takes longer than 30 seconds.


The ability to perform user synchronization via CSV files has been added.


Functionality has been added to ensure that COLD documents are stored with the correct text encoding.


Within the Data Definition editor, the 'Recent Documents' menu is now used also for 'Recent Data Definitions'.


Within the Search Template editor, the 'Recent Documents' menu is now also used for 'Recent Search Templates'.

Searching Client


A Searching Client User can now see document differences between particular revisions of an archived Word document.

Error Corrections

DSX Application


DACE Searching performance has been improved.


The DB statistics rebuilding has had a couple of minor errors corrected.


An error that caused a build-up of temporary search tables has been addressed.


A minor error encountered when attempting to perform an Active Directory synchronization using particular trusted domains has been corrected.


A problem encountered when using UNC paths for cache locations within a Citrix environment has been corrected.


A minor error within the watched folders listview has been corrected.


An error that occasionally caused an app crash event log entry from cheque scanning has been addressed.


An error that caused JPEG images exported as PDFs to be of a lower quality has been addressed.


Importing Legacy Data Definitions or Custom Field Types with longer than 256 character validation lengths should still work.

Management Studio



The context sensitive help has been corrected to display the right locks screen in Management Studio.

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