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Here's how to work with Cheque Deposit Ribbons Buttons and Menus in Windows.

Documents Pane

The scanned documents (either cheques or deposit slips) are listed.

Right-click on a column header (for example, Document Name) to open the Properties pane which allows to select which columns to include in the Documents pane.

An icon to the left of the Document Name indicates whether the document is valid.

  • indicates the Document does not pass validation. Either a mandatory field is missing or a field has an invalid value.
  • indicates the Document passes validation.

Index Fields Pane

The Index Fields pane shows the Index fields for the Data Definition used for the cheques or deposit slip (as appropriate). These Data Definitions are defined in the HitecLabs.DataStore.ChequeDepositProcessing.exe.config file.

Field names with a * beside them are Mandatory fields. All Mandatory fields must be completed before the scanned documents can be stored.

Fields names which are shown in red are not valid and must be corrected before the scanned documents can be stored.

Image Pane

The Image pane displays the image of the currently selected document.

Thumbnails Pane

The Thumbnails pane shows a thumbnail image of the scanned document. When both the front and the back of the cheque have been scanned, images of both sides of the document are displayed.

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