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Definition, Description or Meaning

Native Application (see "Original Application")



(See also, "Keyboard Shortcut keys")

The process of using (when available) in Indexing Studio and Searching Client, the Up and Down arrows, page Left and Right arrows, Page Number Display window, Rotate buttons, Fit to width and Fit to page buttons and the Zoom's Slider Control, to scroll through results, go to a specific page, rotate and zoom in and out of the displayed document.

(The options available will depend on the type of results returned. Unavailable options will either be dimmed or removed.)

Negative Operators (see "Logical Operators")


Non-Content Field

(See also, "Direct Input")

A data field, configured in Management Studio's Data Definition Editor window, which only contains externally provided information.

Non-Searchable - Depot

(See also, "Status")

When a Storage Depot is set to Non-Searchable, its contents cannot be searched.

Non-zero Values

An option, in Management Studio's Data Definition Editor window, which prevents the selection and saving of zero values (i.e. "0.00") in Currency fields and ("0") in Whole Number fields.

Notes - Adding

(See also, "Attachments")

The process of adding a note on the results' pages (in Searching Client) by selecting a note option from the Attachments toolbar.

Numeric Field

A data field, text box, etc., into which you enter a numeric value.

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