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Definition, Description or Meaning

Icons and Buttons (see "Buttons and Icons")


Ignore Search Parameter

An option available in Management Studio's Search Template Editor, which enables the user to ensure the Search Template will not return values related to Data Definitions to which no link exists. This option is used when a Search Template uses fields from more than one Data Definition and it defines what happens when the Search Field is not linked to Index Fields in multiple Data Definitions.

Image Documents

Scanned documents or graphics, which are supported in DataStoreDSX.

Importing (Indexing Studio)

The process of acquiring documents and images in Indexing Studio, by uploading files from a computer.

Importing Plug-in (see "Plug-in")



To add validated values to Data Definition Index fields.

Index Assistant

(Originally IVM - to Index via a Macro)

Manage Index Assistant (under Management Studio's Home tab, when creating or editing a Data Definition), provides a way to use SQL, C# and VB scripts to perform the indexing of information (originally stored when the Document, File, etc., was created), through the use of Macro Programs.

Index Field Levels

(See also, "Style Sheet")

The area of a document to which the indexing applies. For example: a Document Level Index Field could be the document's Title, Author, etc. A Page Level Index Field could be the document's Page Numbers, Chapters, etc.

Index Field Source

(See also, "Automatically Extract Index Values")

The Field Value Source Properties option (in Management Studio’s Data Definition Editor) which enables you to select whether the Standard Field data will be automatically extracted from a text or PDF file or whether the data will be entered manually.

Index Field Value Transformation

Index Field Transformation is provided to enable you to manipulate data that might not pass validation. For example: you could change a date stored as 05072012 to 05/07/2012.

Index Sets

A Result Field with more than one index value.

Indexing - Full Text (see "Full Text Indexing")



(See also, "Watched Folder: Indexing Options")

The process (in Management Studio) of performing the manual, or managing the automatic, population of Index fields.

Inequality Operators (see "Logical Operators")


Invalid Documents

Documents which have not met the pre-defined indexing acceptance criteria of DataStoreDSX. For example: Text in a Currency Field, a Currency Value in a Date Field, etc.

Inventory (see "Document Inventory")


Inversion Operators (see "Logical Operators")

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