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Corridor - Invoice error: LEDES File contains characters that will cause the submission to fail

The error message means that it is most likely that foreign characters like an a, i, e, o, or u with an accent are being used, or a name that contains an accent. Use “Correct Previous” from the Manual Submission option in Corridor to select the invoice to open it up. Then when opened, click on each individual line item to review the “Charge Description” field to make sure there are no special characters in the text. Cutting from an external source and pasting into Corridor will carry those characters that will then be converted into special characters. For example, the vowels with accents convert as follows:

á converts to á and should be corrected to a
é converts to é and should be corrected to e
í converts to í Ã? and should be corrected to i
ó converts to ³ and should be corrected to o
ú converts to ú and should be corrected to u