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Corridor - Data Purge / Deletion of Invoice

In compliance with Mitratech's Data Retention Policy, all Corridor data is deleted one year from import. In other words, what was imported on 1/1/2008, was deleted 1/1/2009, what was imported on 1/2/2008, was deleted 1/2/2009, and so on. Once the data is gone, there is no way to retrieve it so a report is not available. This is normally not an issue because the significant invoices have already been processed within the year and are stored in the eCounsel database. 
However, a Corridor user has the option to view the invoice status on Corridor and download the list as an Excel spreadsheet. For example, to retain data for the previous year, select the Invoice Status option in Corridor, select the Invoice Date Range, click Submit, and then click on Download List as Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet to download the list. 

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