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Corridor: Disabling a User

Quick How To that shows how to disable a user in Corridor.

In Order to perform the steps in this How-To, you must have access to the Administrator Account in Corridor.  Please note that Corridor Support can not disable your firm's users from Corridor, only a Corridor Administrator has the rights to do this.

Corridor User Role.png

how to check your user's "Role" in Corridor

  • Begin by logging in as the Administrator.
  • Click "View Users".

Corridor-Disabling a User-1.png



  •  Select a user from the list.

Corridor-Disabling a User-2.png


  • Open its record. On the Edit User Profile page, change the Status to Inactive.


Corridor-Disabling a User-3.png

  • Click the "Save" Button.


Note: Changing the Status to Inactive will override any expiration date and the user will not be able to login to the Corridor Website.

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