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Corridor - Invoice Rejection - Most Common


An invoice with this number was already successfully submitted to the client.
Corridor Support does not have access to client databases, so you will need to contact the client directly to request that they remove the first invoice so that you may submit the second one. 
Please be aware that if they reject the invoice and do not delete it from their system, you will need to submit the revised invoice with a different number because the original invoice number will still be in their system. You may want to submit it with a suffix to make it a different number (i.e., #111111-1234-REV).

Invoice Rejection: Line Item Expense_XX is Invalid

The client has an invoice audit rule that validates the Expense Codes submitted on the invoice. The reason your invoice is rejecting is because the Expense line items on the invoice do not contain an Expense Code. If the list of acceptable Expense Codes to use for the client matters is not included with their Billing Guidelines, you will need to acquire the list directly from the client.

Invoice Rejection: Missing Invoice Description

Invoice Description is not a Corridor required field.  The requirement comes from the client and it is their invoice audit rule that is rejecting the invoice.

Solution: Enter the Matter Name  or a valid description into the Invoice Comments field of a manual invoice and the invoice should import successfully.

Invoice Rejection: Missing or Invalid Task Code

Probable Solution: Enter a valid task code on each line item.

Possible Solution: The client may not have associated the Phases with the Matter Types. The client needs to determine which Phases should be associated with the Matter Types and advise the firm when to submit.

Invoice Rejection: The Timekeeper, ###, from the Ledes file for this Line Item does not contain a valid employment record for the invoice Vendor

Solution: Vendor must provide the client with the Timekeeper ID information to enter into their system, so that what is entered in the LEDES file matches what is in the client's system.

Invoice Rejection: More than one active Employment record exists for this Timekeeper

The rejection notification says that, "More than one active Employment record exists for this Timekeeper or Employment Rate field is Null. Comparison to rate could not be completed." There are multiple records that exist in the Employment tab for this Timekeeper. Please verify that even if one marked "Inactive", the "End Date" for that record is not missing.

To prevent the invoice from rejecting, enter an "End Date" for the "Inactive" record (recommend making the date no later than the day before the "Begin Date" of the "Active" record). Then notify the firm to resubmit their invoice. Please remember to instruct the firm to make the Invoice number unique by adding a suffix to it, so that it is not rejected as a duplicate of the previously submitted invoice.

Invoice Rejection: Invalid Timekeepers/Invalid Players

There are multiple reasons why an invoice would be rejected for invalid timekeepers/Players. The following items should be checked in the client's eCounsel system:
1. The Timekeeper record must have a valid Timekeeper ID (i.e., the Timekeeper ID must match exactly with no extra spaces, leading zeros, etc.)
2. The Timekeeper record must not be a duplicate of another Timekeeper record for the Vendor.
3. The Timekeeper Employment record must contain a Start Date prior to the invoice detail line item dates
4. The Timekeeper Employment record must contain a blank End Date or an End Date after the invoice detail line item date.
5. The Timekeeper Employment record must have a valid Employer (Entity), where the Entity record has an Effective Date prior to the invoice detail line item date, and a blank End Date or an End Date after the invoice detail line item date.
6. The Timekeeper Employment record must have at least one Rate record, with the Start Date prior to the invoice line item date, and a blank End Date or an End Date after the invoice detail line item date
7. If the Timekeeper is required to be a valid Player on the Matter, the Start date must be prior to the invoice detail line item date, and a blank End Date or an End Date after the invoice line item date.
If all these prove to be true, then I will need a copy of the LEDES file that was rejected along with screen shots of the Timekeeper’s People Base Info and Employment screens.

Invoice Rejection: Error: Rejection Rule Failure for Invoice### :null

Could indicate that the line item description is missing.

Invoice Rejection: There is no status log to display for this invoice

Could indicate that the client reviewed the invoice and didn't leave comment; refer to contact the client.

Invoice Rejection: Line item # does not contain a valid player 

The timekeeper in not listed as a Player on the Matter.  The solution is to ask the client to add the Timekeeper to the Matter as a Player.

Invoice Rejection: Line Item Calculation - Amount not equal to Units * Rate Discount 

The invoice was rejected because Line item XX of the LEDES file does not balance. The Total Amount of the line item must equal the number of Units times the Rate plus the Discount. 

Invoice Rejection: Calculation Issue: Units * Rate + Discount does not equal Line Item Adjusted Billed Amount

Please make sure the calculation below is correct in the LEDES file:


Invoice Import Failed: Factory failed to get a mapper for record  

The invoice failed with the error "Factory failed to get a mapper for record". This error message means that there are duplicate matter numbers in the client’s application. Verify with client that the matter numbers are not duplicated and then resubmit the invoice.

Invoice Rejection: String Index out of Range (Invalid Character)

If the Expense line items contains a comma in the invoice amount total (i.e., 1,752.15 instead of 1752.15) removing the comma will allow the invoice to import without issue.