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Define New Timekeeper for a Client

If the timekeepers do not already exist, you can add new timekeepers for a client. See How do I assign existing timekeepers to a new client? to add existing timekeepers to a client.

Note: If you have existing, active timekeepers in Collaborati but you do not explicitly assign them to a specific client, the client is unable to see or authorize those timekeepers.

To define a new Timekeeper for a client

  1. From the Clients tab, click the Timekeepers page.
  2. Click Assign/Unassign Timekeepers.
    1. From the Assign Timekeepers page, click create a new timekeeper.
      Client Timekeepers
                                                                  Client Timekeepers
  3. Enter the Email address of the timekeeper, and click Next.
  4. Enter the required fields on the Timekeeper Profile page, and select a client from the Clients list.
  5. Click Save.

Note: If you are adding more than a few timekeepers, it is recommended that you upload the information in a batch file. See  How do I upload multiple timekeepers? for more information about adding multiple timekeepers.