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View Budget Requests

One of the places where budget requests appear is your Collaborati homepage. That page shows a block of up to five of your most recent pending budget requests (requests which have not been submitted), sorted by earliest due date.

You can also view budget requests for a specific client when you click a client's name and select the Budgets sub-tab.


Clients: Budgets

If you need to view a list of budget requests for all clients, or use a custom search, click the Budgets tab of the homepage. A list of active matters that contain budgets displays at the top of the page, with budget requests below.

Budget requests are paginated, and users may configure how many results appear per page. To set a specific number of entries per page, use the drop-down menu at the bottom of the Budget Request table.


Each budget request has a Status. The possible Status values, and their meanings, are:

  • Not SubmittedYou have received this request from a client, or you have created a new budget request yourself; but you have not submitted it (sent your cost estimates to the client) yet.
  • Pending Client Retrieval - You have submitted this request, but the client has not received it yet.
  • Pending Client Approval - The client has received the request that you submitted, and is reviewing your cost estimates.
  • ApprovedThe client has accepted your cost estimates. This budget request is complete.
  • RejectedThe client did not accept your cost estimates. This budget request is available for further review and editing by you, after which you can resubmit it.
  • CanceledThe client canceled this budget request. No further action is required of you.

To learn how to view or edit the details of a budget request, see How do I edit and submit a budget request? To produce a different set of search results, see How do I search for budget requests?

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