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Create an Appeal Invoice

For detailed instructions on creating invoices, see How do I create an invoice in Collaborati?. To create an Appeal Invoice, you must first have the proper permission from the client. To verify that you have the proper permission, see How do I view my client's settings?.

The appeal process allows outside counsel vendors to submit an appeal on an invoice that was previously rejected or adjusted and approved. Only one Appeal Invoice can be generated per Invoice.

  1. To appeal an invoice from the Invoice screen, click the Appeal Invoice link in the desired existing invoice. To appeal an invoice from the Track Invoices screen, click the Appeal button next to the desired existing invoice.
  2. Create, edit, or remove invoice line items from the Appeal Invoice as necessary. Only line items that were adjusted in the original invoice will be copied over to the Appeal Invoice.

Note: The Appeal Invoice number is copied from the original invoice with an additional space and the word "appeal".

Note: Once an Appeal Invoice has been synced to TeamConnect, the original invoice that the appeal links to cannot be deleted.

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