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File Name Special Characters

Fix file name. Special Characters.

Fix consolidation pattern error

To resolve this error message about Consolidation pattern



Steps to resolve

Update the file name to remove the plus sign or any other special characters.
Either get the ESM Client installed on a coordinator's computer or ask the IT team to the following.
Whoever has access to the ESM Client Tasks:
Remote into ESM App server. (If IT person)
Open up ESM Client
Click on Configuration on the bottom left of the ESM Client screen
Locate the workbook group and file that is having the issue.
Click on the workbook group and expand to reveal the list of files.
Locate the file and click on it.
On the right hand side of the screen click on Browse to navigate to the renamed file.
A pop up will come up that says the consolidation pattern is been wiped out. (Click ok)
On the bottom right hand side click on Save Settings.

Again another pop alert appears about the consolidation pattern. Click on ok to dismiss this pop up alert. 
Click on Force Save. (Required otherwise the error still appears)
Coordinator Tasks:
After IT has done the above...
Reset up the Consolidation pattern.

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