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Dashboards and Widgets in CMO

Create and configure dashboards and widgets in CMO Compliance.

Dashboards, made up of widgets, are portals into various modules in CMO. The widgets display data in the form of lists, records, charts, heat maps, and risk matrices. Dashboards can also be organized and configured to be shortcuts into different Forms. Accessibility to view and edit dashboards is controlled by Role Permissions, and dashboards can be made available to the entire organization or limited to a single individual. Administrators can configure dashboards to be a user’s landing page upon login.

Users can toggle between dashboards using the tabs at the top of the Dashboard module. Each dashboard is filled with individually-configured widgets, as seen in the image below.

For a description of each widget, please refer to the CMO Dashboard Widget Guide.

Best Practice Widget Index

Dashboards can be designed to have between 1-4 columns and have over 100 different pre-built widgets to fill the dashboard with. In most cases, the pre-built widgets will need light configuration to filter and display the desired information. The table below lists commonly used widgets.

Workflow Widgets Obligation Widgets Finding Widgets Training Widgets
  • Text
  • Shortcut
  • New Event / Finding / Action / User
  • Entity
  • New Event
  • Bulletins
  • Location Based Summary
  • Org Unit
  • Action
  • Key Risk Indicator
  • Favorite Report
  • Register Filter / Search
  • Rich Text
  • Obligation Analysis by Topic
  • License by Status
  • License by Status Pie Chart
  • Obligation by Status
  • Obligation by Instrument
  • Obligation by Topic
  • License List
  • Obligation List
  • Risk Mitigation 
  • Control Effectiveness by Category
  • Control Status
  • Test Status
  • Key Risk Indicators
  • Open Action by Risk Level
  • Root Cause Analysis by Drill Down
  • Policy Attestation and Compliance Management
  • My Training Plan
  • Training and Competence 
  • Overdue Training and Competencies
Events Widgets Action Widgets All Other Widgets
  • Top 5 Entity
  • Completed vs. Incomplete Events
  • Scores vs. Target
  • Top 5 Types Category
  • Rolling Average Frequency
  • Heatmap
  • Top 5 Opportunities
  • Opportunities by Category
  • Event List
  • Response Summary Widgets
  • Extended Response Summary
  • Billing
  • Matrix Mitigation Analysis
  • Days Since Last Event
  • Event Count
  • Individual Party Involved Scoreboard
  • Frequency Rate Target
  • Key Performance Indicator
  • Entity Form Target Performance
  • Event Form Target Target Performance
  • Event Filing Tasks
  • Finding Event Info
  • RAFR by Entity
  • Safety Pyramid
  • Event Information Summary
  • Event Totals by Group
  • Average Lost Time
  • Action Summary by Entity
  • Pending vs. Completed
  • Recorded vs. Completed
  • Action Status by Age
  • Action by Status
  • Action Summary by Status
  • Actions by Category
  • Action Widget
  • Entity by Most Outstanding
  • Total Number of Actions
  • Action by Form
  • Open Actions of Risk Level
  • Action Calendar
  • Individual Scoreboard
  • Action Status by Group

Register Widget
- Monitoring Report

Auditee Widget
- Hours Worked by Auditee per Month

Logbook Widget
- Logbooks

Additional Info
- Entity Additional Info
- Org Unit Additional Info

Documents Widgets
- Document Folder
- Policy Attestation and Compliance Management
- Document Navigator 


Select a link below to see instructions on creating and configuring dashboards and widgets.


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