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Script to get the Frequency Rates Module View

This query is to pull out data as how it is displayed in the Frequency Rates module

 dou.OrgUnitName as [Business Unit]
 ,dent.EntityName as [Project]
 ,det.EntityTypeName as [Entity]
 ,dehw.Month as [Month] 
 ,dehw.Year as [Year] 
 ,dehw.Hours as [Hours]
 ,dehw.NumberOfWorkers as [Number of Workers]
 ,dht.HoursTypeName as [Classification]

from DimEntityHoursWorked dehw 
left join DimOrgUnit dou on dou.DimOrgUnitId = dehw.DimOrgUnitId
left join DimEntity dent on dent.DimEntityId = dehw.DimEntityId
left join DimHoursType dht on dht.DimHoursTypeId = dehw.DimHoursTypeId
left join BridgeEntityEntityType bet on bet.DimEntityId = dent.DimEntityId
left join DimEntityType det on det.DimEntityTypeId = bet.DimEntityTypeId

group by 
order by dehw.Year, dehw.Month, dou.OrgUnitName"

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