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System Requirements

System Requirements
List of system requirements and prerequisites for installing the CMO Data Warehouse.


Prerequisites for installing

Ensure your computer meets the following requirements before installing the CMO Data Warehouse server components.

  • Minimum of SQL Server 2014. Please see the Database Requirements listed below for specifics.

Deployment Options

The CMO Data Warehouse supports two deployment options:

  1. All four databases plus ETL packages reside on a single server, or
  2. Replication, Staging and Data Warehouse databases plus ETL packages reside on a second server, separate from the transactional/application database


The Data Warehouse installation package will provide the following services: 

  • SQL Server Replication
  • Staging Database
  • Data Warehouse Database
  • SSIS Packages to perform the ETL process
  • Configure the dw_properties.ps1 file to allow environment integration

Hardware and Software

This section contains the required hardware and software requirements on which you install the data warehouse server.

  • CMO Compliance v15.02.25 (minimum) as the source database.
  • A target database

Database Requirements

  • SQL Server 2014 R2 for Enterprise
  • SQL Server 2014 R2 for Standard

Disk Space

This section details the disk space requirements to install and run the data warehouse.

  • Permanent space for the installed components should be greater than the size of the current CMO Source Database. Ensure your systems have enough space that is at least equal to your source, plus room for growth.


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