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CMO Database scripts

CMO Database scripts
This page is intended for anyone with Database access to a CMO Transactional Database. It contains useful scripts to extract information around user analysis, licenses, maintenance and many other areas.

This page contains helpful SQL scripts to CMO information that is useful for analysis, configuration and maintenance.

  • Action Category list and Form association
    This query extracts a list of Action Categories in CMO along with all the forms that use that Action Category
    • Concurrent User logins
      This script utilises the LoginTrail table to check concurrent user logins over hour blocks. It can be a factor in understanding the usage of the system / resource utilisation on the CMO servers.
      • Rebuild Indexes
        This SQL script rebuilds the indexes for the CMO Database.
        • Size of all CMO tables

          This query provides the size of CMO Database tables and can be used to understand which area of CMO data is being stored.


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