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CMO Configuration Promotion Process

When updating CMO configuration into an existing live production environment, Mitratech recommends adoption of the Configuration Promotion Process, which provide a framework to document and update configuration between your CMO Development, Test, QA, and Production environments.

No. Configuration Change Description Estimated Duration Notes
01 Take a copy of the current Production system and place the copy on your development or 'first stage' environment.     
02 Ensure (if possible) that the Production system is locked down to any configuration changes during this process to minimize the risk of any conflicting configuration causing unexpected behavior.     
03 Complete the desired Configuration changes into the first stage environment and document a comprehensive log of any configuration changes made in a 'Configuration Work Plan', detailed enough so the configuration can be easily replicated.     
04 Copy the first stage environment to your test or 'second stage' environment and allow key stakeholders and end users to test and validate the configuration changes have been completed as desired. Mitratech recommends the use of a Test Plan and test scripts to execute the testing and gather results.     
05 Review the outcomes from the testing and make any required updates to the configuration in the system. Add or adjust the Configuration Work Plan documentation in line with any changes that are made.     
06 Repeat step 4 to validate that the required items have been updated and have the configuration changes signed-off from a testing perspective.     
07 Take a copy of the current Production system and place the copy on your second stage environment.     
08 Implement the configuration changes utilizing the Configuration Work Plan document into your second stage environment (possibly utilizing someone who did not complete the initial configuration changes). Note down the duration of the implementation of the configuration changes to understand how long the process will take when completing it onto the production or target environment.    
09 Run the testing again on the secondary environment to ensure all of the configuration updates have been included as expected.    
10 Organize an outage to the Production or target environment for the duration of the expected configuration updates.    
11 Complete the implementation of the configuration changes to the production or target system during the outage following the Configuration Work Plan.    
12 Once completed and the production or target system has been used for at least a few days, copy the Production environment back down through your other environments.    


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