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CMO 15.02 Update 25 R2

This page details the resolved issues that are included in the CMO Web Maintenance and Mobile Maintenance Projects, version 15.02 Update 25 R2.

Note: R2.1 Release Information can be found at the bottom of this page.

The following Release Notes cover issues in the Web Application, iOS Application, and Windows Application.

Resolved Issues

This section describes the issues that are resolved in the CMO Compliance 15.02 Update 25, R2 release. Each resolved issue is documented in the format displayed below. This release includes fixes for both the CMO web application and the mobile iOS and Windows applications.

  • A description of the issue
  • Internal tracking code
  • Salesforce case number, if applicable

Web Application

This section details issues that were resolved in the CMO Compliance web application. The issues are broken down into categories related to CMO. 


Issue: For Parent and Sub-parent field in Findings was not displaying for sub-categories.
Tracking code: CW-1219
Support Case: 2017-0516-372020

Issue: Obligation Assessment and Control Assessments could not be copied/cloned.
Tracking code: CW-1065
Support Case: 2017-0401-354488

Issue: User could not edit the status Obligation Assessment or Control Assessment.
Tracking code: CW-1041
Support Case: 2017-0401-354239

Issue: Workflow action step was not created when only one user was assigned as responsible.
Tracking code: CW-951
Support Case: 2017-0502-369105

Issue: Custom Obligation emails were not being generated.
Tracking code: CW-919
Support Case: 2017-0421-366968

Issue: User was unable to transfer Events and Actions from one user to another.
Tracking code: CW-906
Support Case: 2017-0401-354636

Issue: Client was unable to schedule interval-based Events.
Tracking code: CW-773
Support Case: 2017-0418-366124

Issue: Multiple Choice option in form template would not remain selected and the response was erased.
Tracking code: CW-478

Issue: Action was not updated accordingly when user responded from a Gmail account.
Tracking code: CW-199

Issue: Sub-org Units did not properly roll up to their respective parent Org Unit on the ESS North America Stats KRI widget.
Tracking code: CW-158
Support Case: 2017-0401-353750

Error Messages

Issue: Error message was received while rebuilding indexes during an upgrade.
Tracking code: CW-1177
Support Case: 2017-0509-370638

Issue: Error message “Data Range is too Large. Please Apply Filters” was displayed when trying to run the Observations report in the Events tab.
Tracking code: CW-1028
Support Case: 2017-0503-369553

Issue: Error message ”Internal Server Error” displayed  after a user cloned a Form in Admin>Event Forms page.
Tracking code: CW-950


Issue: Reports/DownloadReports.ashx handler was allowed to send and receive files from the server via the physical file path.
Tracking code: CW-1174

Issue: Events reporting feature was only showing 20 of the 42 Events when the report was generated.
Tracking code: CW-770
Support Case: 2017-0421-367002


Issue: UploadFile.aspx was allowing any file to upload to server without authentication.
Tracking code: CW-1175

Issue: Application would not switch languages from English to Norwegian.
Tracking code: CW-1148
Support Case: 2017-0510-370797

Issue: Most Current Completed Month was not a filter option in the KRI Widget.
Tracking code: CW-1077
Support Case: 2017-0508-370365

Issue: CMO system was moving slow in client-specific environment.
Tracking code: CW-907
Support Case: 2017-0410-364793

Issue: HR API could not previously be called to verify if the system received valid information.
Tracking code: CS-2485

Issue: From Date, in User Deactivation Period, was activating a day ahead of the selected date.
Tracking code: CS-2434
Support Case: 2017-0510-370765

Issue: User’s ability to edit assignments was lost when internal active server page extension (.aspx) was refactored.
Tracking code: CS-2391

Issue: User Deactivation period was requiring the To: field rather than the From: field.
Tracking code: CS-2379

Issue: User Profile page automatically moves user to the top of the page when selecting Roles.
Tracking code: CS-2367

Mobile iOS Application:

This section details issues that were resolved in the CMO Compliance mobile iOS application.

Issue: App crashed when various parts of the Incident form were filled out.
Tracking code: CMM-1015

Issue: App lost assigned Org Unit and Entity upon saving a new Finding.
Tracking code: CMM-921

Issue: Second step in Event Workflow was initiated without completion of the first step.
Tracking code: CMM-682
Support Case: 2017-0401-354566

Issue: App crashed after user clicked the Perform button on Report Incident form.
Tracking code: CMM-610

Issue: Error message was received after user attempted to sync iOS mobile device  to specified server.
Tracking code: CMM-448
Support Case: 2017-0405-363738

Issue: Findings were not displayed in the Findings Register after syncing from mobile to web application.
Tracking code: CMM-1076
Support Case: 2017-0518-372723

Mobile Windows Application

This section details issues that were resolved in the CMO Compliance mobile Windows application.

Issue: Data was lost during sync from mobile to web application.
Tracking code: CMM-613
Support Case: 2017-0401-354364

Issue: Error message “Incorrect Username & Password” appeared after correct login credentials were entered.
Tracking code: CMM-612
Support Case: 2017-0401-354626

Issue: App crashed when user searched an apostrophe symbol in the Events search field and clicked the Filter button.
Tracking code: CMM-481

Issue: “Request Extension” was not an option on an individual Action’s cog wheel menu.
Tracking code: CMM-137


CMO 15.02.25 R2.1 Release Note

Issue: User was unable to create Actions or Findings from the Event Perform screen.
Tracking code: CW-1550

Issue: Update, Re-Assigned, and Completed reminder emails for Actions or Events were not being sent out.
Tracking code: CW-1535

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