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CMO 15.02.25 R7 Release Notes

This document details the feature enhancements and resolved issues that are included in the CMO Web Maintenance and Mobile Maintenance Projects, version 15.02 Update 25 R7.

Resolved Issues

This section describes the issues that are resolved in the CMO Compliance 15.02 Update 25 R7 release. Each resolved issue is documented in the format:

  • A description of the issue
  • Internal tracking code
  • Salesforce case number, if applicable

Web Application

Issue: Drop-down values were not shown in the Extended Response Summary widget.
Tracking code: CW-2782, CW-4041

Issue: Error message thrown and application crashed when the Party Involved drop-down was clicked in the BI / PTO Performance by Individual widget.
Tracking code: CW-5099
Support Case: 2017-0907-396535

Issue: Error message thrown when user navigated to the History tab within an Event.
Tracking code: CW-5009
Support Case: 2017-0830-395181

Issue: HR Import feature timed out and failed when a large (over 21,000 users) XML file was uploaded.
Tracking code: CW-3639

Issue: Two Event templates were missing from the Air Inspections 2017 dashboard.
Tracking code: CW-3315
Support Case: 2017-0703-383303

Issue: The Date field was blank for all Events when an Administrator user ran the Question Summary Report. 
Tracking code: CW-882
Support Case: 2017-0427-368276

Issue: Environmental dashboard widgets were not displaying all of the Events that were configured to display. 
Tracking code: CW-3315
Support Case: 2017-0703-383303

Issue: Error thrown when user opened the History tab within an Event.
Tracking code: CW-5009
Support Case: 2017-0830-395181

Issue: Removed/Deleted users from the CMO system caused errors in the Event Workflow. The Workflow Status would update, but the respective section did not activate and the Event could not be closed out or completed unless users duplicated the Workflow.
Tracking code: CW-5036
Support Case: 2017-0401-354341

Issue: Non-existent Workflow actions were appearing on the Event Report, and they were marked as Overdue in the Completed Date column of the report. 
Tracking code: CW-5113
Support Case: 2017-0814-391507

Issue: Date filters were returning incorrect results or blank results when user set a specific date range on the Critical Control Inspection audit. 
Tracking code: CW-870
Support Case: 2017-0419-366655

Issue: Error message thrown when user tried to run the Task (Action) History Report.
Tracking code: CW-5462
Support Case: 2017-0928-401592

Issue: When re-importing Obligations using the Obligation Import tool, existing Obligations were updated to show as blank values, and the risk column was not being marked as mandatory.
Tracking code: CW-5536
Support Case: 2017-0911-397301

Issue: Error message 'CMO-Compliance is not responding' was thrown when a Form was performed. Additionally, it took between 3-4 seconds to respond to questions on the form, and scrolling down the page caused the application to slow down significantly before it eventually froze. 
Tracking code: CW-5548
Support Case: 2017-0831-395212

Issue: Pictures uploaded to Events would automatically rotate to landscape view, when they were uploaded in portrait view.
Tracking code: CW-5572
Support Case: 2017-0908-396900

Mobile iOS Application

Issue: Sync failed and the associated Actions and Findings data was lost when user synced from iOS to web.
Tracking code: CMM-4383
Support Case: 2017-0921-400002

Issue:  The Auto-Sync feature activated while a user was updating the Event Findings window, which caused the window to close and the app to crash. No error message was displayed.
Tracking code: CMM-4395
Support Case: 2017-0823-393550

Issue: Completed email notifications were not sent to users when Events were closed out. All email notification settings were set to False on the mobile app and users had no option to turn the setting on.
Tracking code: CMM-4667
Support Case: 2017-0921-400250

Issue: The default Entity location used in Events was not appearing on Events in iOS. Within the app, there was no place for users to choose a default location or a place for them to manually enter a location. Additionally, the wrong location was saved against any Findings or Forms associated with the Event.
Tracking code: CMM-4359
Support Case: 2017-0823-393523

Issue: The Finding - Marking, Sign Posting, Barring (Default Finding setting) was not automatically prompted when 'yes' was selected as a question response even though it was configured to do so.
Tracking code: CMM-969
Support Case: 2017-0511-371277

Issue: Post migration, all links to uploaded reference documents were not functional and landed users on a blank white screen when clicked. 
Tracking code: CMM-1990
Support Case: 2017-0523-374019

Issue: iOS application crashed and returned to the iOS device home screen when user reported an Observation Event in the Norwegian language. 
Tracking code: CMM-3098
Support Case: 2017-0831-395226

Issue: When using version 1502.25.R5, user could not manually save a default location against a Finding, Form, or Event.
Tracking code: CMM-4359
Support Case: 2017-0823-393523

Issue: Actions and Findings associated to a synced Event were not being transferred from the iOS application to the web server upon sync which resulted in the data being lost. 
Tracking code: CMM-4383
Support Case: 2017-0921-400002 

Issue: The Auto Sync feature caused the app to crash while users were in the Findings window. No error message was displayed when the app crashed. 
Tracking code: CMM-4395
Support Case: 2017-0823-393550

Issue: Completed Event email notifications defaulted to "False" (off) and users did not receive the respective notifications when Events were updated or completed. This was reflected in the history of the Event.
Tracking code: CMM-4667
Support Case: 2017-0921-400250

Issue: When using the iOS application with an ADFS authentication environment, a server error was thrown when user selected the Show Online Action Info while inside the Action details screen.
Tracking code: CMM-4936
Support Case: 2017-0515-371707

Mobile Windows Application

Issue: Email notifications were not being sent when new comments were added to Actions.
Tracking code: CMM-1414

Issue: A user manually redirected the Windows Offline Application to install in the 'c:\Program Files (x86)\' area, but the app was still installed in the user library. It is important to note that the machine was operating on Windows 10, and the file path might differ slightly compared to other versions of Windows. 
Tracking code: CMM-4795
Support Case: 2017-1002-402194

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