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Managing Documents in iOS Mobile

This page outlines how to find the Documents module on an iOS mobile device, how to prepare document folder to sync from Web > Mobile, and how to prepare individual documents to sync from Web > Mobile.


The documents module acts as a library of corporate documentation and policies that users can access while offline. The documents synced to an iOS device are most useful for viewing policy, procedure, and machine-related articles while out in the field. Users can access documents while disconnected from the internet/network connection, however documents cannot be shared while offline. Additionally, all documents seen on the web application can be synced over to a mobile device in PDF format.

Documents cannot be edited on an iOS device. 

To access the documents module:

  1. Log into your CMO mobile application and click the More menu option.
  2. Select the Documents module.
  3. Scroll through the document folder structure, seen on the left side of the screen, to find your respective documents.
  4. Open a document by selecting it from the right side of the screen. 


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