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CMO Academy Webinars

CMO Academy Webinars
Watch recordings of CMO Academy's Quarterly Client Webinars which cover various topics related to processes in CMO Compliance.


Join your peers for the latest in Mitratech's Product Webinars covering our CMO Product! Select a link below to view the Client Webinar video presentation on YouTube.

Introducing version 17 of CMO Compliance 

Date: June 2020

Description: Watch this webinar to learn about all the new features and functionality in CMO 17, including enhancements to permit to work capabilities, new integrations, data warehouse and event template administration improvements .

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Introducing version 16.0 of CMO Compliance

Date: April 2018

Description: This webinar introduces new and enhanced features that were added to version 16.0 of CMO Compliance. This includes the new Action Scheduler, new user experience enhancements in the Event and Administration modules, and improvements to the Event builder interface.

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Form Configuration: Leading Responses, Questions, and Sections Webinar 

Date: October 2016

Description: Our first webinar will be about form configuration. We will focus on the following: How to make the display of a response, a question, or even a section contingent upon an earlier user response. These are referred to as Leading Responses, Leading Questions, and Leading Sections. This will streamline your form completion for the end user. The end user will only see the responses, questions, or sections relevant to them.

Click here to watch the recording!


Notifications Webinar 

Date: January 2017

Description: This installation will cover where notifications can be configured within CMO, various Business Rules that should be enabled for notifications, and how to configure the body of a notification. The presentation covers the following types of notifications: Custom Emails, Reminders, Notifications for the Action Management Process, Event Workflow Notifications, and Question Response Type Notifications.

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Workflow Webinar 

Date: April 2017

Description: This presentation defines what a "Workflow" is, provides an example of a workflow and details how the end user sees it, and dives into the back-end, Administrator process of creating a Workflow.

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Form Configuration Basics Webinar 

Date: July 2017

Description: This installation will cover Form Configuration Basics. We will focus on the following: Form Creation, Section Creation, Question Creation, and Response Configuration.

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